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xKobo (a scrolling space shooter)

Arcade game with many levels.
Destroy structures on each level by shooting the purple bulb in the center.

You can control your ship by pressing the cursor keys , and shot beams by pressing the left shift key.
The game can be paused by pressing 's' (no mouse support under windows yet).

This xKobo is a port of the game XKOBO by Akira Higuchi, which was intended for computers running Unix and the X Window System.

Here is a very basic port to win32 / gdi
download exe file xkobo.zip
download source files xkobo_win-1.9.tar.gz

Other XKOBO ressources
Much improved windows implementation Kobo Deluxe
XKOBO page at happypenguin.org
Original sources files xkobo-1.9
PocketKobo Homepage